Kinship Care Program

Offering help to those who find themselves raising someone else's child

The Kinship Program offers help to those people who find themselves raising someone else's child. Kinship caregiver's are eligible for cash assistance through the Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Kinship Program can provide assistance with the application process and advocacy at DSS. If needed, the Kinship Program can provide support in family court and assistance with custody issues as well as community referrals and links to other resources. The Kinship Program is also able to provide counseling services.  The kinship program offer services in Broome County with some limited services offered in Tioga County.

Program FAQ

Yes, services are available to all kinship families regardless of their income level.

Kinship care refers to a person who is raising a child that is not their own. That means the person is NOT the child's parent, step-parent or adopted parent. The adult raising the child may be any type of relative, e.g. aunt, uncle, grand parent, great grandparent, cousin or sibling, OR THEY MAY BE A friend of the child's family, the child's godparent or even a neighbor.

Yes, the kinship program can help you complete an application to apply for the Non Parent Caregiver grant from the local Department of Social Services which will help you with the financial costs of raising a child that is not your own. This financial aid IS NOT based on your adult income but on the kinship child's income. As most children DO NOT have any income, the majority of kinship care providers are eligible for this aid. PLEASE NOTE: This financial assistance is NOT available to you if the child's parent is also living in your household.

Yes, counseling services are available in Broome and Tioga Counties. Both our counselors have their Masters of Counseling.  Support groups are also offered.