Caring Homes Program

Providing financial assistance to homeless families and families at risk of homelessness

The Caring Homes Program provides financial assistance to homeless families and families at risk of homelessness due to eviction, NYSEG shut-off notices, water shut off notices, etc. We can provide a payment of up to $500 per family for security deposits, rent arrears, and utility arrears to either help the family remain in their current home or to help them obtain new housing.

Funding for this program comes from the City of Binghamton’s Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). There are strict eligibility guidelines for this program. To be considered eligible, the city requires the family to be residing or homeless in the City of Binghamton. Exceptions are if the family has been placed in a shelter or motel outside the city by DSS (such as the Endicott Inn), or the SOS shelter (also located in Endicott) due to domestic violence. Unfortunately, we get a lot of referrals from families in areas outside Binghamton, and although we cannot help them financially, we are able to at least provide them with referrals.

Case management is the other important piece of this program. Client families must agree to three months of follow-up case management with our program. This stipulation was put in place to help families address the issues/barriers that put their housing at risk and hopefully help them gain the skills and/or resources needed to prevent the same situation from occurring again.

Please contat Chastity Smith, Director of Housing and Community Services (x.877), if you have any further questions or have a referral. Please do not hesitate to contact us even if your client/family is not eligible for our program! We can at least provide you or them with other potential resources to assist them.

Program FAQ

The Caring Homes Program is a housing assistance program funded with Emergency Solutions Grant funds through the City of Binghamton.  The goal of this program is to prevent homelessness through financial assistance and supportive services for homeless individuals/families and those at risk of becoming homeless.

To be eligible, clients must be residing within Binghamton city limits, have an income below 30% of the area median income, and a situation that categorizes them as “Homeless” or “At Risk of Homelessness"  There are very specific guidelines that must be adhered to.



The program is committed to preventing homelessness. We are able to achieve this in a number of ways. We provide security deposits for individuals to obtain permanent housing. We provide rent arrears in hopes of preventing homelessness. We also provide financial support for NYSEG shut off’s and water shut offs. There are a number of variables to consider and an in depth screening process is completed. In addition to providing financial support we also provide 3 months of case management to support the family through their transition.