Child Care Training

          Child Care Giver’s Training

                            August 13-17, 2018

     Owego Head Start Site, 1277 Taylor Rd.  Owego,NY

                               M-Th 9:30-12:30



This program invites Head Start and Early Head Start family members as well as those in the community to be trained as Child Care Givers. Child Care Givers have the opportunity to work for the Family Enrichment Network to provide substitute aide assistance in the classroom and to provide child care for daytime and evening meetings when needed.


The training is made up of 14 1/2 hours of course work and 12 to18 hours monitored classroom interaction.  When requirements have been met, the participant may apply at the Agency for a position as a Child Care Giver.


Scheduling of the 12 to18 hour classroom monitored interaction will be arranged by Child Care Specialist on the last day of the 14 1/2 hour course work.


For additional information or to register for the trainings please contact

Julie Hatcher, Child Care Specialist at 723-8313 ext. 857.  If you are in need of transportation or child care please be sure to request at the time of registration and no later than Thursday, August 2, 2018 by 12:00 pm. 


                                            Training Schedule

                                  1277 Taylor Rd, Owego, NY


 Mon.8/13       Tues. 8/14        Wed. 8/15         Thur. 8/16           Fri. 8/17

9:30-12:30pm    9:30-12:30pm      9:30-12:30pm      9:30-12:30pm           9-11:30am

  Rm 3                Rm 3                Rm 3                 Rm 3                    Rm 3


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